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Use our FAQ section to find an answer to most of your questions. If you do not find what you are searching for here please enter a Support Request. If you have a commercial question please email to info@speek.io

Can I try it for free ?

Yes you can try 1 job opening for free.

Which browsers are supported ?

Speekio runs natively in Chrome, Firefox and Opera on Windows and Mac platform without any additional download or software installation.

Microsoft Internet Explorer and Safari requires a WebRTC plugin from Temasys. 

Get the WebRTC here https://temasys.atlassian.net/wiki/display/TWPP/Downloading+and+Installing

Do I need to provide credit card information ?

No credit card information is required for signups, but you will get a invoice after each month, which you have to pay via Paypal with a credit card.

Can I run speekio on a phone or a tablet ?

Not at the moment but we are working on it. 

Do I always need to link Speekio HR to the job ad ?

No, you can choose between a link in your job ads or you can send the link to the candidates in an e-mail. Many choose to screen the applications and resumes from candidates before they send a link to the automated self-service video interview. 

Is it possible for the candidates to retake the recorded videos ?

Yes and no. It depends on how you put the settings of the questionnaire. Sometimes you get the best feeling of the candidates personality, if they only have time to record their answer. 

What is the difference between Speekio HR and to recieve normal video applications ?

When you receive a normal video application from a candidate, you will only get the answers that the candidates wants to tell you. 

With Speekio HR you can ask all the questions that you like, like a normal face-to-face interview. You can see their reaction to questions and they only have a limited time to answer the questions. 

How long does it take the candidate to do a automated video interview?

The time depends on how many pre-submitted questions, you will add for each job interview. You can set a timer on each question, so limit the time, the candidate has to answer each question.