Speekio HR

Send your candidates online questionnaires, and make them answer various questions with small video recordings directly in Speekio HR.

Receive video applications as a part of your hiring process

You can conduct your interviews as a self-service web interviews. Ask the candidates different questions, and let them record their own video answer with Speekio. The answers will automatically be saved at your Speekio account, and you can quickly browse through all the incoming applications, and decide whom to call for the next steps.

Link directly from your job ads

Embed a link to the video application directly in your job ads. It is simple for both you and the applicants. You can also screen your applicants resume and applications, as you do today, and then send them the video questionnaire afterwards.

Setup a questionnaire and let the candidates automatically answer you interview questions.

You can let candidates answer your questions as a multiple choice, as a normal text or with a video recording. You can ask all kind of questions to get a more personal and professional feeling of the candidate. You can even rate the answers and find the candidates with the highest score.

Manage your job applications

You can quickly browse through all the incoming applications and get an overview of the candidates. You can also make comments, send to different reviewers and rate the applications. It is a good way to make sure, that you only invite the best candidates to the next phase.

Try Speekio and start screening your candidates today, with our 30 days free trial version.