Add Speekio to your hiring process as a recruitment company or HR department. It is easy to administrate many users, jobs and candidates.

Setup up questionnaires and video questions for each of your jobs

You can set up different questionnaires for each of your jobs. Some jobs may require more and different interview questions than other. Change the questions so you get the right personal and professional feeling of the candidates to invite for a personal meeting. You can also make the rating of the questions different to each of your jobs. 

Change layout and make templates

As an administrator, you can change the layout so it fits your company’s layout. Change the logo, introduction text and much more. Reuse the templates or personalize them for each of your jobs or categories of jobs.

Manage the applications

You can quickly browse through all the incoming applications and decide whom to call in for the next steps. You can also make comments, send the best ones to different reviewers and rate the applications. It is an effective way to screen your applicants.

Manage your users

As an administrator, you can manage your users. You can add new users, delete them, edit their profile, roles and much more.  The users can add new reviewers to specific jobs and make them choose between specific candidates. The reviewers can both be internal and external reviewers.

Try Speekio and start screening your candidates today, with our 30 days free trial version.