About Speekio A/S

Who is Speekio

Speekio A/S (stock-based cooperation) is a company founded in 2014 by an investment group called Innonet based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Our main objective is to develop industry specific solutions, focusing on more professional, effective and customized  solutions than our competitors in the market.


What is Speekio HR

Speekio HR is a video software, which can help you to optimize your hiring proces, by letting you screen you candidates with automated video interviews. This saves you time, since you don't waste time inteviewing the the wrong candidates face-to-face. 

You set up a questionnaire for the candidates to answered by either text, multiple choice or a video. After the interview you can review all the candidates by yourselves or send them to different reviewers, whether it is  internal reviewers, or external reviewers if you a recruiting for a customer. 

Speekio HR is designed for recruitment companies and HR departments, who wants to optimize the hiring process and start recieve video application in a smart and easy way.  

Speekio HR

Speekio HR is designed to optimize the hiring process for recruitment companies and HR departments. You use Speekio HR as a screening step before a face to face interview, by setting up questionnaires for the candidates to answer by either video, multiple choice or text.

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If you have any specific needs or questions are you always welcome to contact us.