About Speekio

Who is SpeekIO?

SpeekIO was founded in 2014 in Copenhagen by the investment group, Innotet. Our goal is to become the Danish business sector's preferred partner when it comes to video tools for recruiting new employees.

What is SpeekIO?

SpeekIO is a video web platform that optimizes the traditional hiring process by using pre-screening tools that are easily integrated. Speekio HR is a video tool that anyone in HR functions can use for both pre-screening of candidates, as well as all the cases where time or geography is a factor. With SpeekIO you can watch the candidate face-to-face on video or a real-time online meeting.

SpeekIO is designed to save everyone time and resources. The tool is especially suitable for recruitment and search companies as well as companies with their own HR department. Companies that historically have major changes in staff, such as telemarketing, will be able to benefit greatly from SpeekIO. Retail companies with large seasonal fluctuations and many new seasonal hires for Christmas and other holidays, will too experience a greatly optimized hiring process.

Any questions?

Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer all your queries regarding SpeekIO